Student Life

Co-curricular Activities assist students to develop problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills, thus we encourage our students to participate in a variety of events such as Sports, Physical Education, Student Service, Student Clubs, NSS, Art & Cultural, and Public Service.

Students involved in National Service Scheme have been organizing blood donation camps, visits to a home for mentally retarded children and a health awareness camp at the Panchayat Union School. Our students also participated in the ‘Walkathon’ conducted by SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) and Indian Coast Guard.

SRM University’s sports and games are comprehensive programmes that incorporate many activities during an academic year. Activities available to students encompass indoor and outdoor sports such as Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Carom, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga and many other worthwhile recreational choices. At SRM University we encourage our students to become fully involved in the Sports Programme in order to take advantage of the opportunities being offered.The eclectic mix of activities gives SRM University a vibrant atmosphere and gives the students the opportunity to become risk takers, make lasting friendships and develop skills and passions beyond the academic timetable. This is what makes our SRM University special.

Computer Centre, Transportation, Institutional Visits, Healthcare, Shopping, Banking, Religious Life, Housing & Dining

Events are conducted to enhance the technical skills of budding engineers. Through this, we motivate the students to participate in various international conferences, Workshops, Paper presentation, poster presentation which is organized in various parts of the country. Also members will get concession for all events. They also get chance to explore their knowledge by participating in Student project.

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