Dr.R.Balaji Ganesh


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Total Experience (includes Teaching, Industry & Research)

12 Years

 Areas of  Research

Deep Learning, Edge Computing, Computer Vision

Courses Handled

Computer Architecture,System Software,Operating Systems,Deep Learning,Computer Vision,Pattern Recognition,Pervasive Computing,Data Structures

DegreeOrganization/InstitutionSpecializationYear of Passing
Post-Doc.,National Institute of Technology TiruchirappalliComputer Applications2022
Ph.D.Manonmaniam Sundaranar UniversityInformation Communication Engineering (Computer and Information Technology)_2019
PGManonmaniam Sundaranar UniversityComputer and Information Technology2011
UGPSR Engineering College
Anna University Chennai
Computer Science and Engineering2006

In SCI/WoS/Scopus Journals:

  • Balaji Ganesh R, Manish Kumar, et.al. “A Hybrid DNN Model for Travel Time Estimation from Spatio-Temporal Features”, Sustainability, MDPI, 14, 21, 2022. https://doi.org/10.3390/su142114049
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Kumar, M. et al. State of art soft computing based simulation models for bearing capacity of pile foundation: A comparative study of hybrid ANNs and conventional models. Model. Earth Syst. Environ, 2022. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40808-022-01637-7
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Intelligent traffic analysis system for Indian road conditions. International Journal of Information Technology, Springer, 2021. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41870-020-00447-3
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Appavu alias Balamurugan, “Road Traffic Surveillance System to classify the vehicles on Indian Roads in different climatic conditions”, Mobile Information Systems, IOS Press, United States, July 2018.
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Appavu alias Balamurugan, “A Robust Framework to detect moving vehicles in Indian road conditions”, Journal of Applied and Theoretical Information Technology, Vol.No. 98, January 2019.
  • Sim2Real Transfer: Autonomous Vehicle Dataset Generation and a Lightweight Road Perception Pipeline, Int. Journal of Vehicular Communication Systems, Inderscience (SCI)
  • Balaji Ganesh R et.al., “Reliability Enhancement from HTTP Log Files in Composite Web Services”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), Volume-2, Issue-4, April 2013 ISSN: 2249 – 8958
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Surya C, Raman GS, “Reversible Watermarking Based on Prediction Error Expansion and Pixel Selection on Color Image” International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), Volume-2, Issue-4, April 2013, pp. 925-929.
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Appavu alias Balamurugan et al., “Detection and Pairing of Vehicle Headlight in Night Scenes”, International Journal of Research in Engineering, IT and Social Sciences, Vol.3, Issue 9, Sep.2013. (UGC approved)
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Appavu alias Balamurugan, “An Intelligent Video Surveillance Framework with Big Data Management for Indian Road Traffic System”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Foundations of Computer Science, Newyork, August 2015. ISSN No.0975-8887

International Conferences held abroad:

  • Balaji Ganesh R, Appavu alias Balamurugan, Midhun Kumar A, “Indian Road Traffic Surveillance System using Blob Tracking for ATIS Applications” Proceedings of International Conference on Secure Knowledge Management in Big Data, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, December 2014.
  •  Kumar Parasuram, Balaji Ganesh R, “An Adapated Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering”, IADIS European Conference Data Mining 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2013.
  •  Balaji Ganesh R, Appavu alias Balamurugan, Midhun Kumar A, “A Robust Framework to Detect Moving Vehicles in Different Road Conditions” 25th World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, USA, 2017
  •  Balaji Ganesh R, Michael Arock, “Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Study of Drug Interactions Using Clinical Parameters for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease”, 2020 IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), Malaysia

IEEE International Conferences in India 

  •  Balaji Ganesh R, Ganesh Venkat, “An IoT based passenger information system optimized for Indian metros” in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technologies, April 2017. DOI: 10.1109/ICECA.2017.8203650
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Vishak Raj, “Vision-based system for counting of moving vehicles in different weather conditions” Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technologies, April 2017. DOI: 10.1109/ICECA.2017.8203649
  • Balaji Ganesh R, Nandhini, “Application of ARM and Linear Regression to model and predict Agricultural yield” Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Technological Innovations in ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development(TIAR), April 2018.
  • NDA Benchmark Reviewer for NVIDIA Jetson 4GB cards
  • NVIDIA certified Instructor for ‘Fundamentals of Deep Learning’
  • Best Teacher award with recognition for producing top academic results in the year 2016-2017 & 2017-2018
  • Wipro Mission 10x, Dale Carnegie certified High Impact Teacher
  • ISO TUV Rheinland certified Academic Auditor for ISO 9001: 2015 Standards


  • 1-day NPTEL Workshop, IIT Madras, December 2012
  • 1-week FDP on Computer Architecture, Anna University Chennai, June 2014
  • 1-week Course on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, NIT Durgapur, June 2014
  • 4-day Training program in IBM Rational Software Architect, June 2015.
  • 5-day FDP on Cloud Infrastructure and Services, ICT Academy of Tamilnadu, Jan. 2016.
  • 2-day Training Program on Hadoop for Big Data Analytics, CDAC Bangalore, June, 2016.
  • 2-day Training on Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning (IPCVML’17) Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai, January 2017.
  • 3-day Training program on “Train The Trainer (TTT)”, TechMahindra, Chennai, February 2017.
  • 5-day Short term course on “Advanced Web Technologies”, NIT Trichy, December 2017.
  • 3-day workshop on AI and Deep learning Technologies, Bennett University, June 2018.
  • 3-day FDP at Teaching-Learning Centre, IIT Madras, December 2018.
  • 3-day Internship at The Ramco Cements Limited, Alathiyur, January 2019.
  • 1-week FDP on Machine Learning, NIT Warangal, May 2019.
  • 1-week FDP on Neural Networks and Deep Learning using Python, Reva University, June 2020
  • 1-week STTP on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, MIET, Jammu, Jan. 2021
  • Workshop on Accelerated Data Science, NSM Nodal Centre, IIT KGP, Feb. 2021
  • Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and High-performance computing, NIT Mizoram & IIT KGP, NSM Nodal Centre, July 2022
  • 1-week FDP on Academic Research in Global Perspective, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, October 2022


  • Co-ordinator for a 2-day DRDO sponsored seminar on Advanced Research Techniques for the Development of Intelligent Systems through Computer Vision, New Delhi during 17-18 September 2012.
  • Co-ordinator for a 2-day National workshop on Ethical Hacking and Cyber forensics in association with AIESEC, IIT Delhi during 24-25 July 2014.
  • Co-ordinator for a 7-day FDTP on Computer Networks, approved for Centre for Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai during April 2015.
  • Coordinator for a 5-day CSI sponsored workshop on ‘Data Science’ during December 2017
  • Co-ordinator for a 1-day CSI sponsored State Level Coding and Mobile App development contest “DavinciKoodittaa” during March 2018.
  • Co-ordinator for a 7-day FDTP on Data Analytics, approved for Centre for Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai during April 2018.
  • Co-ordinator for 1-day CSI Workshop on Digital Forensics and Security in IoT, August 2018.
  • Co-ordinator for 3-days workshop on AI and Deep Learning Technologies in association with NVIDIA-Bennett Research Centre during September 2018.
  • Co-ordinator for 1-day CSI Workshop on Python Tools to Data Analysis and AI, November 2018
  • Co-ordinator for 1-week Finishing School Course on Computer Programming (2017,2018,2019)
  • Co-ordinator for 1-week SERB sponsored workshop on Applied Machine Intelligence Techniques for Enterprise Architectures, February 2022.


  • Wipro Mission 10x, Dale Carnegie Certified High Impact Teacher
  • ISO Academic Auditor (ISO 9001:2015 standards)
  • Design Thinking by Intellect

Academic Experience: 12 Years

Research Experience: 2.5 Years

Sl. No.Position heldPeriodActivities carried out
1Team Lead of RIT-AI Research Initiative, LeadingIndia.AI Bennett2018 to 2019Setting-up AI research Lab in RIT
Submissions of research proposals to funding agencies
Guidance for Inter-disciplinary projects in AI and Deep Learning
Conduct of Workshops, Hackathons,
AU approved Value Added courses
2Member of Purchase Committee
(Institute Level), Data Centre In-charge
2013 to 2019Procurement (Hardware & Software)
RFQ(Limited Tender), Negotiations, Contracts
3Member of RIT-Innovation Centre2013 to 2019Policy Framing, Inter-disciplinary Innovation Hub, Forming of Section-8 Company
4Counselor, Computer Society of India2014 to 2019Organized Workshop, Trainings, Coding Contest
5Examination Control Office In-charge2013 to 2017Scheduling and Conduct of University and Internal Examinations.
University Correspondence, Statutory Compliance (AICTE APH, NIRF, AU Affiliation)
6AI-Centre of Excellence, NIT, TrichyMay 2020 to May 2022Administering NVIDIA DGX V100 Server with Kubernetes Cluster

  • Life Member of the Indian Society for Technical Education
  • Member of the European Association for Innovation
  • Member of the Association for Computing Machinery