MBA (Business Administration)


The courses offered in College of Science & Humanities are with a touch of emerging areas in Commerce and Computer Science. The curriculum is designed so as to foster the students in line with the trending requirements of the industry and organizations, transforming them career-ready graduates.

About Us

SRM College of Management, a premier B-School in India, is committed to offering industry-relevant programs, and aspires to solve business and societal problems through its academic rigour, pedagogical excellence, research, consulting, and innovative and collaborative practices.

College of Management was founded in the year 2022, to train young men and women who would effectively take up responsibility as Management Leaders, Senior Administrators and Executives in the Industry. The Department is on a progressive path year by year both in terms of Infrastructure and Students, with strict adherence to Quality Standards that have been set for Infrastructural Facilities (Class Rooms, Smart Rooms, Library, Lab etc.). Department of Management Studies SRM Tiruchirappalli is unique in Management Education with Academic Excellence, Pedagogic and Versatility.

Strong International collaborations in the department help our students pursue Foreign Internships, Semester abroad programs, Research and secure International placements. These International exposures attune our students to gain a global outlook to astutely face the challenging dynamics in the complex business environment.

Dean’s Message

SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) is a global Private University in India and, within its College of Management (CoM) at Tiruchirappalli, this Management Institute has come up so well today that it is seen as a leading Business School in India for imparting knowledge and learning to the students, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the fields of Business education, research and training.

CoM has well-recognized undergraduate (BBA), postgraduate (MBA) and Ph. D. programmes with competent faculty experts in all functional areas such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Decision Sciences, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Information System and Technology, Strategy and People (Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources) Management.

The rich faculty profile, resources, and work environment at the SRMIST, with quality courses, naturally facilitates the students to be competitive for undertaking the challenges. The pedagogy of CoM is such that it orients the students to understand self, communicate effectively, develop confidence and come up with solutions to simple as well as complex problems. Through, case discussion, individual/team presentation and thorough industry exposure, CoM has created an intellectually stimulating vibrant learning environment. It not only prepares business managers as well as leaders but also orients students to explore, utilize and create entrepreneurial opportunities.

We value the merits of experiential learning and experiment it. In addition to the teaching, our Faculty Members are engaged in conducting quality research, consulting and training. Students avail the opportunities by engaging themselves in internships, projects and through cultural exchange programs with universities across the globe. All these help them to apply knowledge in real-world settings and branding them as effective professionals with a deep sense of social responsibility for making a positive impact on society.

CoM provides, all stakeholders of the universal society, a platform to achieve the set goals and we look forward to joining us in making this institute of excellence as world-class Business School.

As the Dean of FSH, I look forward to see and welcome you all.

Dean, Faculty of Science and Humanities

To be a renowned Business School in Asia that impacts Business, Society and Environment

 Debriefing the Strategic Vision

  • The vision of the College of Management, SRMIST, Tiruchirappalli Campus is to be recognized as one of the leading business school in Asia that is highly responsive to the needs of the industry, local community, regional and the national agenda
  • To attain the Vision the Business programs offered by the College of Management, align with the Financial, Technology, Health, and Environment sectors

Advancing knowledge and practice through research, innovation and collaboration for the progress of students and to positively impact the stakeholders, business, community and environment.

College of Management, Tiruchirappalli campus is committed to be a transformational leader in

  • Advancing knowledge through Teaching, Research and Institutional Services
  • Developing well-structured innovative programs and extraordinary experiences that help students succeed in attaining their career goals
  • Creating value through collaborative minds that could ethically and positively impact the business, community and the environment
  • Sustaining collegiate environment that employs Innovative and best practices that contributes to the institutional development and growth


Students with any degree from UGC recognized institutions with 10+2+3 (or) 4 pattern are eligible to apply. Students should have appeared for any one of the nationally recognized entrance tests (CAT/TANCET/XAT/MAT/GMAT/NMAT/CMAT) or SRM Joint Entrance Exam (SRMJEE-M). Selection is based on the combined scores obtained by the students in entrance examination and qualifying degree marks.

Program Outcomes

PLG 1 : Be critical thinkers and business thought leaders

PLG 2 : Collaborate to innovate and enterprise with diverse multi-cultural teams

PLG 3 : Make Responsible Decisions that positively impacts all Stakeholders

PLG 4 : Nurture personal growth and career success

PSO 1 : Ability to upgrade relevant skills and updated practical knowledge for the industries.

PSO 2 : Develop technical skills and conceptual knowledge on the advancement of global  industrial Scenario.

PSO 3: Build capacity empowering the critical analysis and decision-making skills deepening the understanding on the organizations.

Future Prospects

  • Management Consulting
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Sales Management
  • Operations Management
  • Data Analyst
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Operations Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • System Manager


Teaching environment and quality are central to SRMIST’s capabilities profile. Our Professors are the reason for our continued ability to foster vibrant and value adding learning experiences for our students. The success of our students’ in terms of their learning and overall development enabled by our faculty members is an area of focus of Leadership at SRMIST. Many opportunities are provided to our faculty members to conduct research and engage with the industry in consultancy and other projects. This platform brings our faculty members an opportunity to expand their knowledge contribution as well as bring those rich experiential inputs to the classrooms, and labs, therefore benefiting our students.


Infra Structure

  1. Classrooms: Well–equipped classrooms for lectures, discussions and presentations.
  2. Computer Labs: Access to computer labs with relevant software for business analytics, Finance, Data analysis and other management-related applications.
  3. Library: A Comprehensive library with a vast collection of books, journals and electronic resources related to Management studies.
  4. Audio-Visual Equipment: Projectors, Digi Boards and other audio-visual equipment to enhance the learning experience.
  5. Cafeteria: on-campus cafeteria facilities for students and faculties.
  6. Online Learning Platforms: Access to online learning platforms and resources Such as EBSCO and other virtual classes and Case study.

You’ll develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills you need to analyze and produce a broad range of discourse in a full spectrum of careers — and to make a difference in whatever you do.


The department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at SRM Institute of Science and Technology with the aim of imparting quality education to students and bring out the best in them. The key goal of the department is to provide best IT infrastructure, world class learning and research environment, adopt industry practices through industry collaborations and inculcate moral and ethical values. With students hailing from all States and union territories of India, the department was established to meet the demand for well-qualified computer professionals.
The promptness of the students to learn makes it easier for the industry-trained experienced faculty to produce top-notch engineers who are being recruited by reputed companies all over the world. The department is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and preparing its students for real world challenges.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates work and intern in a range of jobs in a broad range of fields — public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, television, radio, magazines, human resources, event planning, education, nonprofits, and technology. We’ve also had graduates start their own businesses and others go on to graduate school in communication, law, public health, strategic communications, and education.

Program Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of how communication shapes patterns of social interaction, the expression of cultural values and norms, political practices and relations of power, and our positions as local and global citizens. Be able to use a variety of methodological tools to analyze interpersonal, intercultural, and rhetorical discourse that structures everyday interactions in both our public and private lives. Demonstrate an understanding of the possibilities, problems, and history of discourse and deliberation in democracy and will be prepared to use their knowledge to work for a just and more humane world.


Semester 1 Credits Number
Rhetoric & the Public Sphere 4 ESTU 203
Communication & Everyday Life 2 ESTU 340
Critical & Rhetorical Methods 4 ESTU 657
Semester 2 Credits Number
Relational Communication 4 ESTU 768
Public Relations Campaigns 4 ESTU 432
Rhetoric of Social Movements 2 ESTU 873
Semester 3 Credits Number
Rhetoric & the Public Sphere 4 ESTU 203
Communication & Everyday Life 2 ESTU 340
Critical & Rhetorical Methods 4 ESTU 657
Semester 4 Credits Number
Relational Communication 4 ESTU 768
Public Relations Campaigns 4 ESTU 432
Rhetoric of Social Movements 2 ESTU 873
Total for the entire period of study 40

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Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?