Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Total Experience (includes Teaching, Industry & Research)

16 years

 Areas of  Research

Machine Learning, Security, Deep Learning

Courses Handled

Programming Languages,Operating Systems,Computer Networks,Theory of Computation,Compiler Design,Design and Analysis of Algorithms

DegreeOrganization/InstitutionSpecializationYear of Passing
Ph.DAnna University ChennaiInformation Communication Technology2019
M.B.ABharathidasan University, TrichyHR2009
M.TechSathyabama University ChennaiInformation Technology2006
B.TechSchool of Engineering and Technology, Bharathidasan University, TrichyInformation Technology2004

List of National / International Journals

  • S.ShanmugaPriya, Ramya Srinivasan, PrisilaJohnpeter,HemalathaSelvaraj, L.MaryGladence (2022) “Crime data analysis and predicition using ANC algorithm” in Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications ISSN: 2094-0343 71, No.2, Pg.No. 1948-1954 (Scopus)
  • S.ShanmugaPriya, A.Barveen,L.MaryGladence (2022) “Text Recognition from Images Using Artificial Intelligence” in Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications ISSN: 2094-0343 71, Pg.No. 1178-1184 (Scopus)
  • ShanmugaPriya, D.Yuvaraj (2022) “Secure Key Management Based Mobile Authentication in cloud” in Computer Systems Science & Engineering Vol.43, No.3, 2022, pp.887-896, doi:10.32604/csse.2022.021845 ,(SCI Impact Factor -4.3)
  • D.Yuvaraj, S.ShanmugaPriya (2022) “Novel DoS Attack Detection Based on Trust Mode Authentication for IoT” in Intelligent Automation of Soft Computing Vol:34 No.3,Pg.No1505-1522. Impact Factor-3.4)
  • V.Chandrasekar, V.Suresh Kumar, T.Sathish Kumar, S.ShanmugaPriya(2020) “Disease prediction based on micro array classification using deep learning techniques” in Microprocessors and Microsystems volume 77 September 2020, Page No103189 doi:10.1016/j.micpro.2020.103189. (SCI Impact Factor 3.5)
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  • D.Yuvaraj, S.ShanmugaPriya, P.Sundara Vadivel (2022) “Prioritization of Medical Data Transmission over IoT Environment” in International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering(CSASE) on 15th to 17th March 2022 in Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. DOI: 10.1109/CSASE51777.2022.9759820, pg 306-311 . Added in IEEE Explore 25th April 2022.(Scopus)
  • D.Yuvaraj, S.ShanmugaPriya, S. Navaneetha Krishnan (2022) “Design of Arrow Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for X and Ku Band Applications” in ECS Transaction,Volume 107 1st April 2022.(Scopus)
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, M.Sivaraman,D.Yuvaraj, A.Jaynthiladevi (2020) “Machine Learning based DDOS Detection” in International Conference on Emerging Smart Computing & Informatics on 12th to 14th March 2020 in AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, Pune . DOI: 10.1109/ESCI48226.2020.9167642 . Added in IEEE Explore.(Scopus)
  •  A.BazeerAhamed, D.Yuvaraj, S.ShanmugaPriya(2019) “Image Denoising With Linear and Non-linear Filters” (Scopus Indexed) in International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE) 2019 11th to 12thDec 2019 AmityUniversity,Dubai. 10.1109/ICCIKE47802.2019.9004429.
    Added in IEEE Explore 20th Feb 2020 (Scopus).
  •  P.Sudhakaran D. Yuvaraj, S.ShanmugaPriya(2020) “Load Predicting Model of Mobile Cloud Computing Based on Glowworm Swarm Optimization LSTM Network” International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies Vol 14 No 5 eISSN: 1865-7923 (Scopus)
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya,Dr.A.Valarmathi,L.MaryGladence,(2020) “BrainTumor Detection and Disease Prediction using CNN Algorithm” Test Engineering and Management January – February 2020 ISSN: 0193 – 4120 Vol 82 Page No. 13376 – 13381. (Scopus)
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya,Dr.A.Valarmathi (2018) ” The Personal Authentication Service And Security Enhancement For Optimal String Password” in Concurrency Computation Practice &Experience. Dec (SCI.Impact Factor 1.114)
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya,Dr.A.Valarmathi,L.MaryGladence,(2018) ”Enhanced Mutual Authentication System in Mobile Cloud Environments “ International Journal of Engineering & Technology ISSN 2227-524Xin Volume 7, September 2018 P.No192-197 (Scopus).
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya,Dr.A.Valarmathi (2018) ”Efficient Fuzzy C-Means based multilevel image segmentation for Brain Tumor detection in MR images“ Design Automation for Embedded Systems ISSN 0929-5585in Issue 1-2/2018, Jan 2018 SPRINGER (SCI impact factor 0.516).
  •  Mary Gladence L, Hari Haran S, ShanmugaPriya.S,(2017)”Home and Office Automation System using Human Activity Recognition” in international conference on Communication and Signal Processing added in IEEE Explore(ICCSP-2017)6th to 8th April 2017 in Adiparasakthi Engineering College.DOI. 10.1109/ICCSP.2017.8286463. (Scopus)
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  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, Gulzar Begum (2012) “Two factor authentication” Journal of computer applications in Vol 5 ISSN No 0974 – 1925.

List of International/National Conferences

  •  D. Yuvaraj, S.ShanmugaPriya, SubbiahSwaminathan, P.Sundaravadivel(2021) Prioritization Of Medical Data Transmission Over Iot Environment” at 6th& 7th June 2021 Tishk International University,Iraq
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, M. Sivaram, D. Yuvaraj, A.Jayanthiladevi(2020) Machine Learning Based DDOS Attack at 14th March 2020 AISSMS IOT Pune.
  • S.ShanmugaPriya, LM Gladance, A Valarmathi, (2019) Brain Tumor Detection and Disease Prediction using CNN Algorithm in International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Sathyabama University 5th April 2019.
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya (2019) Detection of Affected Cluster Using Interactions Keymeans for Brain Tumor” in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology at Nandha College of Technology on16th March 2019.
  • S.ShanmugaPriya (2019) Identity based network security commercial chain block” in National Conference on Power Electronica and Drives at AlagappaChettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, TEQIP-III Sponsored on27th March 2019.
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya(2018) SWT Based Multilevel image segmentation for Brain Tumor Detection in MR Images in the International Conference on Recent Research Engineering &Technology at Cheran College of Engineering 15th& 16th March 2018
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya (2018) The Personal Authentication Service and Security Enhancement for optimal strong password in the International Conference on Recent Research Engineering & Technology at Cheran College of Engineering 15th& 16th March 2018
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya,Dr.A.Valarmathi,M.Rizwana,Dr.L.MaryGladence (2017) Enhanced Mutual Authentication System in Mobile cloud Environments in International Conference on Internet of Things and Challenges at Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr.RangarajanDr.SakunthalaEngg college Chennaion 14th and 15th Dec 2017.
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, GowriPriya (2017) Improved Algorithm to Identify the images in Underwater in International Conference on computing, communication and Automation at IndraGanesan College of Engineering7th& 8thApril 2017.
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, Dr.A.Valarmathi (2017) Survey on identification of braintumorin International Conference on computing, communication and Automation at IndraGanesan College of Engineering 7th& 8th April 2017.
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, Cloud computing and Security Issues” in the National Level Conference at Easwari Engineering College Chennai on 17th April 2012.
  •  S.ShanmugaPriya, Anitha (2012) Security issues in cloud computing in International Conference at PSNA Engineering college Dindingul on 22nd Feb 2012
    on Computing, Communication and Application S.ShanmugaPriya, , Anitha (2012) Two Factor Authentication in the National Level Conference on Emerging Technologies & Advanced Computing at KSR College of engineering Tiruchengode on 10th Feb 2012.

Scientific Books Published

  •  Dr.R.SenthamilSevi, E.Shapna Rani , Dr.S.ShanmugaPriya, S.Ranjani “Concept of Cloud Computing” in Iterative International Publisher 2023 ISBN 978-93-5747-122-0
  • L.MaryGladance, S.ShanmugaPriya“Pattern Mining—FTISPAM Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm” Part of the Decision Advance soft computing Techniques in Data Science, IoT and cloud computing (volume 89) ISBN 978-981-15-1451-7 Nov 2021, Pg: 353-371
  • M.Sivaram, S.ShanmugaPriya“Decision Support System for Determining Academic Advisor Using Simple Additive Weighting”Cognitive Informatics and Soft Computing pp 149-156 Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1040) ISBN 978-981-15-1451-7 , 15 Jan 2020.


2 Published

  •  Patent Application No. 202041026649 “Stress Detector and Reducer Wearable Device Using Iot” Published on 10-07-2020
  • Patent Application No. 202041032610 “Mrdoctor an Intelligent Medicine Box for Elderly People” Published on 21-08-2020
  • Lecture given on “Role of 5G in IOT”organized by Motital Nehru Government Polytechnic College,PuducherryAICTE sponsored Faculty Development Programme
  • Lecture given on “Realization of AWT and Swing in Java” organized by SACS MAVMM Engineering College, Madurai
  • Received NPTEL Elite and Mentor
  • Produced 100% result in Software Architecture in the academic year 2017-2018 even semester, Computer Networks in the academic year 2016 Odd semester, & Operating System in the academic year 2015-2016 even semester.


  • FDP on “Data Science Tools” at SRMIST Tiruchirappalli Campus from 12th July to 1st Aug 2023.
  • STTP on “Empowering the Future: AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Innovation and Transformation” at SRMIST Tiruchirappalli Campus from 24th July to 9th Aug 2023.
  • FDP on “Data Science” at CARE College of Engineering from 1st Aug to 5th Aug 2022.
  • Seminar on “Docker Introduction and Implementation” at Sathyabama University on 8th may 2020.
  • FDP on “Selenium Automation Testing for Corporate Level TestEnvironment” at Kongunadu Engineering College from 02 to 06 June 2020.
  • FDP on “R Programming” at Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Coimbatore FROM 19th April to 24th April 2020.
  • Seminar on “Latest Technologies In Stack Development” atSathyabama University on 7th may 2020.
  • FDP on “Data Driven Innovation”, at Sathyabama University from 2nd June to 6th June 2020.
  • FDP on “Introduction to Big Data Analytics “at MIET Engineering College organized by ICT Academy on 13th and 14th may 2019.

Academic Experience:

  • Current Position:Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Tiruchirappalli Campus (Since June 2023).
  • Associate Professor from 01-11-2019 – 08-06-2023 at M.I.E.T Engineering College, Trichy
  • Assistant Professor from 24-05-2011 – 31-10-2019 at M.I.E.T Engineering College, Trichy
  • Assistant Professor from 19-04-2007 – 29-01-2011 at VIT University Vellore
  • Lecturer from 15.04.2006 – 04.04.2007 at Sathyabama University Chennai
  • CSI-Computer Society of India Lifetime Member (ID: 0017846-06)
  • ISTE- Indian Society for Technical Education Lifetime Member (ID:89071)