Expert talk on Hormone Vs Life Style

The College of Allied Health Science, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science, & Technology, Tiruchirappalli campus organized an expert talk on “Hormone Vs Life Style” on 24.03.2023. 

Dr. Sakthivel Sivasubramanin,

Senior Endocrinologist & Diabetologist 

The Hormone Clinic, Trichy has delivered a talk. 

Firstly he delivered basics of the types of salt, sugar, and toxic particles in plastic drinking water bottles, changing of plate size, rice, how to cook nonveg, the importance of sunscreen usage, and selection methods. Also clarified the difference between Medicine & Life Style Medicine 

Secondly, he covered how our choices can influence our hormones. 

Finally, he ends up with how can we create a healthy lifestyle using simple strategies such as food habits, physical activity,  social connections, well-being, and kindness.

Followed by the lecture, there was a discussion. These are feedbacks received from the students.

“I understood that plastic single-use water bottles have an average of 320+ micro-plastic particles for every litre of water, I need to change my habit.”

“I learnt for the first time how much water we can drink and based on what calculation.”

A student from Clinical Psychology said, I thought sunscreen was only for women, now I understood its importance and am seriously considering buying one especially after you guided us on how to choose a sunscreen.

Overall the session was highly informative, interactive, and mind-opening to the students about the importance of Hormones.

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