Graph Traversal

The Department of computer and science & Engineering organized online foreign expert guest lecturer on “Graph Traversal” on 21-10-2023 via Webex meeting tool.  The resource person of this event is Dr. S. M. Aminul Haque, Associate Professor and Associate Head Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Daffodil University, Bangladesh. The coordinator Dr.P. Shanmuga Sundari invited all the participants and chief guest. The head of the department Dr.S.Kanga SubaRaja welcomed the guest speaker.  Ms. Valliammai, II B.Tech CSE(CS) gave the welcome address. The guest lecture topic is “Graph Traversal” from data structures and algorithms. He started with a general introduction to data structures. He explained the basic Introduction to graphs, vertices, and edges with a simple example. He explained the concept of graph traversal. The breath first search concept was explained with some examples. At the end of the session, he conducted a small online quiz. Students actively participated and he selected three winners from the participants.

Cloud and Security

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRMIST, Tiruchirappalli organized a Guest Lecture on “Cloud and Security” for the benefits