Industrial Visit to Dr.G.Viswanathan Speciality Hospital CBCC Cancer CentreTrichy

About the Institution Visit

The Department of Medical Imaging Technology, College of Allied Health Sciences, SRM Institute of science & Technology Trichirappalli, organized a Industrial visit to Dr. G. Vishwanathan speciality hospital CBCC Cancer centre on 28/2/2024, B. Sc Medical Imaging Technology final year students of 15 members accompanied by the Class Advisor Mr. Ramesh Krishnan visited the hospital.

Mr. Ragu, Radiation safety officer & unit Head greeted the students, he explained about the Department of Radiation oncology which consists of Elekta Synergy platform Linear Accelerator machine of high energy X ray beam 6 & 15 MV and electron energy of 4,6,12,15 MeV radiation energy, he explained that there are namely two walls primary & secondary walls which were about 2 meters of concrete so that the radiation will be contained inside the bunker. Mr. Ragu RSO explained about the treatment planning system of State of the Art techniques 3DCRT ( three dimensional conformal radiation therapy), IMRT (Intensity Modulated radiation therapy)Techniques delivered to the cancer patients, he added about the multi leaf collimators which will be used to shape the radiation field and modify the intensity of the radiation beam.

Dr. Gowthami Radiation Oncologist explained about delivering the Xray beam with accuracy to cancer treatment area to patients, she explained about the (PTV) planning tumor volume and (OAR) organ at risk which the treatment is planned in such a way that radiation is delivered only to the cancer affected area and surrounding normal tissue is saved from the radiation, she also explained about the two types of treatment modality namely curative & palliative, curative cases can be treated and cured whereas palliative treatment is only about pain relieving and chances of curing is very less.  

Then students visited the LA machines, technologist Mr. Periyasamy explained about the parts in LA machines, the procedure of treatment setup of patients with immobilization device, he explained about making orfit to every patient and verifying every treatment before starting it for the patients, Student had look over the radiation field analyzer which is used to collect all the radiation data from the machine.

The student visited CT machine of Siemens make, with imaging procedures explained by the technologist, he explained that the machine is 4 slice CT machine, students had a look over the laser alignment which is very important for aligning the patient.

Students also visited the Philips model MRI machine, the technologist explained the MRI imaging procedure is of magnetic resonance and X rays are not involved in imaging, finally the students gained the clear knowledge of treatment planning in Radiation oncology department.

Mr. Rameshkrishnan coordinated the Institution visit.

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