Introduction on Ergonomics

Introduction on Ergonomics

 Working in the hospitality sector will fill an employee’s pocket; on the other hand, the style of working is important to lead a better life. To give the best performance in their career, as well as to improve the listening skill during the classes, we have organised a seminar on “An Introduction to Ergonomics” held on 04th November 2022 at our SRM IHM multipurpose hall. Dr.D.Suresh, Dean of Occupational Therapy has kindly accepted our invitation and consented to be our guest speaker. Ms. Sreeja from I B.Sc. H&CM delivered a warm welcome address and was followed by Mr. Prince Antony, Vice-Principal was introduced the guest speaker and honoured him. Dr.D. Suresh ideally explained how to lift heavy weights. The right postures while we are in standing and sitting positions, and also, he explained about how your body reacts while suffering? This helps students to explore themselves in their career in an effective way. This will surely help students to stay healthy and physically fit during their training as well in their regular work. Finally, Mr.M.D. Ragul Kannan, who was the convenor of this event, delivered the vote of thanks to the gathering and this seminar was successfully organized by II002Dyear Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology students. 

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National Perfusion Week Celebration-2024

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