Students’ Summer Engagement Program Series Day 1

Day 1
Placement Talk


The Students’ Summer Engagement Program on Placement talk, organized for all Second and Third year students of Computer Science and Engineering Department was successfully conducted on 14.6.2023 at 11 AM. The event aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance to the attendees, focusing on their professional development and career prospects. The program featured a welcome speech by the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Dr.S.Kanaga Suba Raja. He welcomed the Dean (FET) Dr. R.Jagadeesh Kannan, Associate Dean Dr. R. Balasundram, the expert members Dr. Venkata Sastry N, Director- Career Centre, SRM IST, Kattankulathur, Mr.Sukhmohan Singh, Associate Director- Career Centre, SRM IST, Kattankulathur , the students and the faculty members by expressing gratitude for their presence and highlighting the importance of such training programs in shaping their careers. He emphasized the significance of acquiring relevant skills and knowledge to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Following the welcome speech, expert members specialized in placement guidance took the stage. They shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable advice on various aspects of career planning and placement preparation. The talk covered topics such as resume building, interview techniques, industry trends, and the importance of internships.

Throughout the training program, the attendees actively participated by asking questions and seeking clarifications. The interaction between the expert members and the students created an engaging and informative atmosphere. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the recruitment process, industry expectations, and strategies for securing desirable job placements.

The training program successfully achieved its objective of equipping the students with knowledge and guidance necessary for their future career endeavours. The event provided a platform for students to interact with industry experts, fostering a deeper understanding of the skills and competencies required to excel in the professional world. Finally, Mr.T. Madhavan, Placement Head, SRM IST, Trichy proposed the Vote of thanks.


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