Diabetes Check – Up Camp (On occasion of WORLD DIABETES DAY -23)

Date : 26.11.2023                                           Time : 10.00 AM- 01.00 PM

Venue : Government Middle School, Kalavaipatti Village, Manachanallur, Trichy.

A Report on Free Medical Check –Up Camp

The Department of Physician Assistant, College of Allied Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Tiruchirappalli and Department of General Medicine, Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre jointly organized a free Diabetes Medical Camp at Government Middle School, Kalavaipatti Village, Manachanallur, Trichy on 26.11.2023 between 9.30 – 2.30pm. The theme of the program was provide awareness on “Access to Diabetes Care” among the public and communities.

Dr.Manojkumar, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Dr.R.Ramya, Assistant professor, FMHS has inaugurated the camp at 10.00AM. During inaugural speech, He explained in detail on signs and symptoms of diabetes, risk factors, management and its prevention. He also delivered the special talk on importance of early diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus and regular follow up to avoid chance of develop comorbidities among public. Then he checked the patient individually and recommended the drugs for needed people. We also provided free drugs.

The students were   given   pamphlets   that   provide   information   on   diet   food for diabetic patients, which is necessary for their health. 83 people have visited and witnessed the camp. Third year Physician Assistant students have done the preliminary check-up such as weight, pulse rate, blood pressure and random blood sugar level. Second year students have prepared the awareness charts & models related to Diabetes Mellitus and the same displayed in front of camp for public awareness. Apart from people 125 school students have visited the awareness charts display hall.

Finally Dr. A. Sundhararajan, Vice Principal thanked the local organizers for making this camp as grand success.

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