National Perfusion Week Celebration-2024

College of Allied Health Sciences

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
Tiruchirappalli Campus

About the program:

            The ‘National Perfusion Week’ Program has been organized and conducted on 10/05/2024 by the Department of Cardio Perfusion Technology, College of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Tiruchirappalli campus.

            The following off stage events were started from 9:30 am in SRM Medical College (4th floor). The students actively participated and exhibited their skills in various types of competitions like Picture connection, Drawing, Quiz, Fireless Cooking, Irrelevance, and Dumb Charades. Picture Connection featured 12 teams, 8 teams in dumb charades, 7 participants in irrelevance, 10 members in drawing, 3 teams in fireless cookery, 10 teams in quiz, and 7 members in dumb charades. An on-stage dance event was also held, with students performing both solo and in groups.

            After the events, the valedictory function took place in the SRM auditorium at 3:30 PM with Tamil Thai Vazhthu. The special address was given by Dr. V. P. R. Sivakumar, Asst. Director, SRMIST-TRC & Dean, College of Physiotherapy, SRMIST-TRC and the felicitation followed by Dr. S. Suresh, Dean, College of Occupational Therapy. The prizes were distributed for winners by the Chief Guests and Dr. K. Kumar Ebenezar, Principal, College of Allied Health Sciences, SRMIST-TRC. Moreover, every participant has received a participation certificate. All the events were organized and conducted by the students of Dept. of Cardio Perfusion Technology under the guidance of Ms. Vasavi R, Tutor in Clinical Psychology, CAHS, SRMIST-TRC


1.Dumb Charades: There are 8 teams participated in dumb charades, and there are two round

    2.  Quiz: There are 10 teams participated in quiz and there are two rounds.

    3. Picture Connection: There are 12 teams participated in picture connection and there are two rounds.

    4. Drawing: There are 10 students participated in drawing.

    5. Irrelevance: There are 10 students participated in irrelevance.

    6. Fireless cooking: 3 teams participated in fireless cooking.

    7. Dance: 7 team participated in solo and group dance.


    Ms. Avnicka, student of Cardiac Perfusion Technology, welcomed Dr.V.P.R. Siva Kumar, Assistant Director & Dean, College of Physiotherapy, Dr. D. Suresh, Dean College of Occupational Therapy, Dr. K. Kumar Ebenezar, Principal, College of Allied Health Sciences and all faculty members, students of Allied Health Sciences.


    Dr.V.P.R. Siva Kumar, Assistant Director, College of Physiotherapy and Dr. D. Suresh, Dean College of Occupational Therapy has delivered special note on Perfusion week.

    Vote of Thanks

    Ms. Madhu Priya, student of Cardiac Perfusion Technology has concluded the program by delivering special thanks. The event came to an end with the National Anthem.

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