Opportunities for SAP professionals

The Department of Management studies and Finance Club of Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRMIST, Tiruchirappalli, organized a Training programme on “Opportunities for SAP professionals”. The lecture targeted both final-year BBA and first-year MBA students held at the Tiruchirappalli SRM IST Seminar Hall – IST 401. The session took place on January 22, 2024, at 10:00 AM. Ms. A. Jasmine Hepcy of III BBA welcomed the gathering.  Dr. R.K. Vaithiyanathan, Dean- S&H, delivered the presidential address. Mr. AH Mohamed Imran, Managing partner of Synergy, Tiruchirappalli, was the resource person for the event. In a professional tone, the speaker eloquently conveyed the impact of attitude on success within the business realm in today’s guest lecture. He underscored the crucial nature of possessing a diverse skill set, while also enlightening us about the widespread adoption of SAP in contemporary business practices. Through his comprehensive explanation, we gained a deeper understanding of the various types of SAP and its relevance in the ever-evolving fintech landscape. Furthermore, the speaker elucidated the transformation from traditional marketing approaches to the digital realm. This shift in marketing trends was presented as a pivotal development in the industry, highlighting the need for businesses to adapt and embrace digital strategies to remain competitive.

Overall, the guest speaker’s presentation not only emphasized the significance of attitude and skill set in the business environment but also provided valuable insights into the growing prominence of SAP and the evolving landscape of marketing.


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