AIOTA National Annual conference (OTICON -2024)

The National Annual Conference of AIOTA (OTICON 2024) was organized in Kochi city from 19th Jan. to 21st Jan 2024. The event was conducted by the Kerala state branch of AIOTA (KOTA) along with the ALL India Occupational Therapists Association at Gokulam Park, Kochi. 50 students from the College of Occupational Therapy along with the Dean attended the conference. Around 1000 delegates participated in the events which included student delegates and occupational Therapists from India and abroad participated. The students got the opportunity to listen to Scientific papers, posters, and model presentations at the conference. They also had the chance to interact with experienced Therapists and experts from various parts of India. The students also actively involved themselves in the stall provided by the organizing committee at the conference. They enriched their knowledge by listening to the keynote address, and speakers from abroad and within India.


SRM Groups of institution, Tiruchirappalli campus conducted INNOV FEST -24 on 08.2.24 and 09.2.24. Around 246 students from college of physiotherapy SRMIST participated in the 

Guest Lecture on Corporate Governance

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology Trichy, Organized a Guest Lecture on “Corporate Governance” held at