Students’ Summer Engagement Program Series Day 4

Day 4
Unlocking the Potential of IoT

The Students’ Summer Engagement Program on Unlocking the Potential of IoT, organized for all Second and Third year students of Computer Science and Engineering Department was successfully conducted on 20.6.2023 at 11 AM. The event aimed to provide what IoT and about the latest careers and technologies students can pursue related to IoT .The event served as a platform to address the real need of IoT technology stacks, risks and challenges, ecosystem and elements of IoT.

The program featured a welcome speech by Ms.R.Sridharshini student of II Year CSE-Cyber security, she gave a brief introduction about Resource Person Mr.Arumugam Pillai, the students and the faculty members by expressing gratitude for their presence and highlighting the importance of this program in shaping their careers. He emphasized the significance of acquiring relevant skills and knowledge to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Following the welcome speech, Mr Arumugam Pillai started the session about IoT and also he showed a learning path that is to be taught, He explained   IoT and its real need and also explained about the latest technological trends and career options in IoT by which the session can provide a valuable platform for students to delve into the realm of IoT and its significance in today’s digital landscape. The event accomplished its goal of explaining the IoT ecosystem elements in detail, IoT technology stacks, IoT challenges and risk, equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools of IoT.

 The session was engaging and it is very helpful for students to understand research and career opportunities in IoT Finally, Ms.R.Sridharshini student of II Year CSE-Cyber security, SRM IST, Tiruchirappalli proposed the Vote of thanks.

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