The Entrepreneur Club of FET, SRMIST, Tiruchirappalli campus organized an event, “The Idea Factory” on 16.12.2022 at 11:45 A.M. at the Seminar Hall, SRMIST. Many future entrepreneur students actively participated in the event. “The Idea Factory” event game was to spread the attributes of the entrepreneurship viz., effective & critical thinking, time management, innovative. Dr. Shanmuga Priya, Student Club Coordinator, commenced the event and Dr. Logudurai R., Faculty Coordinator of the Entrepreneur club  co-convened the event.


SRM Groups of institution, Tiruchirappalli campus conducted INNOV FEST -24 on 08.2.24 and 09.2.24. Around 246 students from college of physiotherapy SRMIST participated in the 

Guest Lecture on Corporate Governance

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology Trichy, Organized a Guest Lecture on “Corporate Governance” held at